What Our Clients Are Saying





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I have worked with Erin Tamberella for the last four years — first as a financial advisor and more recently as a manager.  She has made a measurable impact both on my personal production and my effectiveness as a manager.  The combination of practical, real-world advice with the experience as a coach that Erin brings to bear when you work with her makes her the best coach I have ever worked with. I unhesitatingly recommend her to the advisors I work with — none who have elected to work with her have ever been disappointed.  She makes a positive impact on your business and on your life.

Rick, MSSB



Erin’s coaching is great way to identify and focus on business goals.  I am up 60% year-to-date! Erin’s insight and sales talent have helped me in every area of my business.

Mike, MSSB

Making the decision to work with Erin is one of the best investments I every made in myself and my practice.  As my business coach, Erin has truly transformed the way I manage my practice and grow my business.  Erin has helped me develop a real process for my business and my clients love it! Her insights and experience from being in the business herself are valuable and make a huge difference.  Last year was my best year to date.  I won our Firm’s top award for 30/30, which is given to those advisors whose business has grown year over year @ a minimum 30%.  Out of 70 advisors in our group, there were 10 that earned the award and I took the top honor.  I am positive, supported, encouraged and driven to results! I only wish I found Erin earlier.

Rachel, Sloan Advisory Group

Erin has helped me achieve a number of business and organizational breakthroughs. I now come to work with greater purpose and focus. The results are I am a better advisor to my clients and my business has grown 30% year over year. I even had my first $100,000 month–a major milestone!

Mike, MSSB

I’ve known for a while that I needed to make some changes in the way that I am running my practice but wasn’t sure where to start.  Erin got me to focus on what I want my business to look like long term and is helping me to move toward that model using practical, effective techniques that I have implemented immediately.

Lisa, Merrill Lynch


black rocks

I was struggling with staying focused and being consistent in my business strategy. The first 3 months were hard. I was in the process of changing my “fly by the seat of my pants” strategy to a more defined strategy with goals. By 6 months, I was hooked. I felt Erin knew me, my strengths and weaknesses and was as invested in the outcome of my business as I was. I completed my first year with Erin more than doubling my income. We’ve been working together now for over 6 years.  Erin is a good business partner and a great coach!

Cindy, MSSB

I am a much more confident and excited advisor because of my coaching experience.  I come to work excited and ready to execute my daily, weekly and monthly plan and I am hitting my goals.  I am up 32%, year over year and a lot of that can be attributed to things that Erin had me specifically focus on and concentrate on.

Steve, MSSB

As an independent financial advisor/business owner, life can be lonely!  With Erin I have felt as if I have my own personal team: she is my board of directors (for objectivity), my supervisor (for accountability), and my coach (for motivation).  I truly would like to be my personal best in business and life.  That’s why Erin is critical to me.

Jen, Christopher Street Financial

Working with Erin helps develop a better definition of your ideal practice with a specific set of activities to move the practice where you want it to be.  Every FA can gain value by having a coach like Erin take a hard look at your business with a practical plan for change.  Erin does a great job helping you take small steps to reshape your business.


Thank you for the insight and guidance you have provided my team. I feel like we are now properly organized and have a process to better serve our best clients and reproduce them more efficiently. Erin’s Referral Detective Strategy is simple, easy to use and it works. I feel comfortable using the system and I can use it every day for the rest of my career.  At the end of each year, when I review where my new [A] clients came from, almost all of them are a result of Erin’s Referral Detective Strategy!

Neil, MSSB

Clarity and Systemization are Erin’s two approaches that create a comfort range to reach new levels in production.  Once accomplished my old habits starting disappearing and new goals and successes were achieved.

Helene, MSSB

I learned how to change the way I approach my business in an easy and productive manner.   Erin’s Retirement Standard Boot Camp has given me an effective system for helping clients achieve their financial goals for retirement and in retirement.

Leigh, MSSB