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Financial advisors begin their career in survivor mode doing whatever, whenever in order to survive those critical first few years in the business. Unfortunately, for many advisors that “fly by the seat of your pants” methodology for running their business extends long after the rookie years.


In order to succeed and break through the many plateaus you’ll face throughout your career, you must have a system.  Successful advisors operate like franchises. They have repeatable systems for every aspect of their business.  They don’t reinvent the wheel for every client or prospect that walks through their door and they never “wing” it.


At Executive Transformations, we build clearly defined, repeatable systems for financial advisors that are unique to the individual and designed to build the powerful relationships with clients that result in significantly increased revenue, referrals and assets. Our coaching is built around our Powerful Relationships Operations System or PROs coaching.

Coaching for the PROs


All PROs coaching begins with a FREE complimentary coaching session. In this 45 minute session, you have an opportunity to experience our coaching firsthand while we learn more about you and your business.  Some of the areas we’ll cover in the complimentary session are:

  • Discuss and clarify the focal point of your business such as financial planning, retirement planning or some other area of interest
  • The importance of modulizing your business focal point
  • Your strengths and what specifically you believe has held you back in the past
  • Your time management and organization
  • The accountability factor
  • Where you’d like to see yourself in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years

Just for taking the time out of your busy day for a complimentary coaching session, you’ll receive our popular Horsesmouth article, 3 Steps To A Superior Client Service Model. This article outlines our simple but highly effective point system for segmenting your book.  The point system considers not only assets and revenue but also the important intangibles necessary for a comprehensive segmentation of your book.


Advisors have found these complimentary sessions extremely valuable even as stand-alone sessions.  E-mail us to schedule your FREE complimentary coaching session.

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Coaching for the PROs is broken down into three distinct phases.  Each phase is concentrated on building and implementing one particular segment of your PRO system.  The time spent in each phase varies depending on the nature of your business and the size of your book.


Coaching for the PROs:  Phase I

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A primary objective of PROs coaching is to give you the ability to leverage your existing book better for increased assets, referrals and revenue.  This begins with our comprehensive book segmentation process.  This phase of PROs is devoted to developing a deep clarity and understanding as to the nature of your book as well as exactly who’s who in your book. Advisors always think they know their clients until they use our point system.  They’re usually surprised by what they discover as they work through the process.  Once the book is segmented by tier, we add two additional components, each designed to give you a deeper understanding of your book.  You’ve heard of the “know your client rule”?  We follow the “know your book” rule.


Coaching for the PROs:  Phase 2

In this phase of the PROs, we examine in detail the focal point of your business.  This could be financial planning, retirement planning or some other area.  We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your current operating procedures.  A modulized approach to your business’s focal point gives you the opportunity to create a WOW experience on a more regular basis which ultimately leads to increased assets and referrals. Because it’s important that the PROs is developed for you, with you and around you, we work together to modulize your process.  Letters, scripts and agendas are developed specifically for you to support and reinforce your process. We build a system unique to you that works for you and most importantly that you will work.  As we build your system, we integrate several effective branding techniques that begin to brand your system in the eyes of clients and prospects.


Coaching for the PROs:  Phase 3

In the final phase of PROs, we implement and troubleshoot your new system.  You’re provided with tracking spreadsheets to keep track of your progress as well as where your clients are in the system.  You’ll also be introduced to the Referral Detective Strategy©, part of our three-pronged approach to increased referrals.  Our unique approach to referrals emphasizes referral conditioning rather than asking for referrals. We’ve found this to be a far more effective strategy than asking for referrals because advisors will actually do it.  With a little practice, the Referral Detective Strategy© can become a primary driver of your business.



Coaching Details

All FA Coaching is done in 12 week packages. Experience has demonstrated that it takes approximately 12 weeks to develop a workable plan and begin to integrate it into an FA’s business model. The package includes 12 weekly 30-minute coaching calls and unlimited e-mail. In addition, your coach is basically on call for you and is always just an e-mail away.  This is something most advisors think they’ll never use but all invariably do.


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