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…Nothing in the referral department has ever worked for me at all, much less produce a steady stream of anything, except disappointment.”

Victor smiled. “Do you trust me, Luke?”

“Implicitly, sir.”

“Then you need to trust my referral system, do you not?”

—Excerpt from Plateau to Pinnacle: 9 Secrets of a Million Dollar Financial Advisor


I have been in the financial industry for over 15 years and during that time I have used three different coaches prior to Executive Transformations. Previous coaches were either too restrictive (our way or the highway) or too vague. Erin and her team have found the balance between providing a very effective infrastructure while allowing and encouraging creativity and individuality. I have been using Executive Transformations for over 5 years and I have had my production double, my closing rate go from about 50 percent to over 80 percent, all while maintaining my quality of life with my family. I highly, highly recommend their services! They have become invaluable assets to my success and great friends as well.
—Chris, First Vice President, Pensacola, FL


I’ve worked with Erin now for over 6 years.  Throughout this time she has become a trusted friend and ally, a mentor who I’ve found consistently knowledgeable, encouraging and supportive, always responsive and flexible over the changing course of my career.  Erin has helped me greatly with both the tangible aspects of the business such as planning, goal setting and execution as well as with dealing effectively with challenging personal obstacles I’ve encountered.  I highly recommend Erin as a holistic professional business coach to anyone needing a solid and trusted source of valuable support.
—Cathy, Vice President, Honolulu, HI


With Erin’s guidance and direction, we’ve started breaking down barriers and evolving into a true team. She connects at a much deeper level of understanding. Our strengths and weaknesses are exposed in a positive way as Erin helps us define roles, develop our process, and craft our vision for the future.
—Phil, First Vice President, Jacksonville, FL


Having a coach is absolutely the best gift an FA can give yourself—especially if it’s Erin Tamberella.  Over the last four years, she has completely transformed my business and me, many times while having to battle my own resistance to change.  She has helped me systematize, join a successful partnership and most of all, she has prevented me from falling back into my old habits.  Erin knows how to get you to success and accomplishment.
—Helene, Vice President, Pensacola, FL


I have worked with coaches through the years, all effective in their own way, but none as effective (and fun) as Rick Wright. Rick has “sat in the same seat as me” having also been a Financial Advisor. He brings that perspective and so much more. Just when I thought I heard everything about marketing, process, systems and branding Rick came along. His ideas are fresh, relevant and effective and ONE-OF-A-KIND! Together with his partner, Erin Tamberella, they have shown me how to put all elements of a financial planning practice together which has resulted in more satisfying client relationships, business and has increased my work satisfaction even more. I truly love working with Rick and look forward to our weekly calls – one of the best times of my week!
—Michelle, Vice President, Paramus, NJ


Erin has been our team’s coach for many years and the systems she lays out in her book, Plateau to Pinnacle are the same systems she’s helped us develop in our business.  Erin’s coaching has been instrumental in our team’s success and we consider her a valuable part of our team.  Since I often spend so much time reading financial news updates and investment research, I rarely afford myself the time to read for pleasure.  Fortunately, I took just a couple of minutes to read the first few pages of the book and it hooked me right away. I found it entertaining and easy to read, but most importantly, it got me back to basics, and with Erin’s coaching we’re focused on and implementing on the important things that really drive our business.  I like the way the end of each chapter is set up with the chapter to-do lists.  It makes it easy to refer back to the book on a regular basis, something I plan to do often.
—Neil, Senior Vice President, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


Erin is a wonderful coach because she is a great listener.   Because she’s such a great listener, she helps me with all aspects of my business and holds me accountable to following my business plan model.   Spending time focusing on details and Erin’s recommendations, my team and I are much more productive and successful.  Our business is a process not an event and she helps it to be ever growing and changing.   It is a refreshing way to stay motivated for yourself and your clients.
—Leigh, First Vice President, Mobile, AL


I came to financial services as a second career.  Once I started, I was full of enthusiasm and ideas about how to create a client base, which, unfortunately, changed on a regular basis.  I was lucky enough to find Erin, my coach, who worked hard to keep me on a consistent path.  I doubled my AUM and revenue during my 3rd year after working with her and have been growing steadily every year.  She’s become my valued partner and friend.
—Cindy, Vice President, Visalia, CA

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